December 2023-January 2024

Put Poverty to Bed

Join the Fun in Our Cozy PJ Drive! 🌟

Let’s gather to bring smiles and sweet dreams to our community. Imagine the joy we’ll spread with every pair of new, snuggly pajamas, each tube of minty fresh toothpaste, every huggable stuffed animal, and the enchanting stories within each book we collect.

Pajama Kits Contain:

🌙 New Pajamas: Picture the little ones slipping into soft, comfy PJs, their eyes lighting up with the fun patterns and colors. Every pair you donate adds a layer of warmth and comfort to a child’s night.

🦷 Toothpaste: Bright smiles start with good dental care. Your contribution of toothpaste ensures a healthy, gleaming smile and instills the importance of daily habits.

🧸 Stuffed Animals: More than just toys, these cuddly friends become nighttime companions, offering comfort, security, and endless imaginary adventures in dreamland.

📚 Books: Each book you bring opens a world of wonder, sparking imagination and a love for reading. From fairy tales to adventures, these stories are tickets to magical worlds before bedtime.

🛍️ Packing Instructions

Please pack each kit in a Ziploc bag, clearly marking the age and gender of the intended child on the outside. This thoughtful touch ensures that each kit is perfectly tailored to bring the most joy to its recipient.

Together, we're collecting items and weaving a tapestry of care and community

Let’s fill hearts with warmth, one PJ set, one toothpaste tube, one stuffed animal, and one book at a time. Your contributions create more than comfort; they create cherished bedtime memories. Join us in this delightful journey of giving, and let’s make bedtime a dreamy, cozy experience for all!

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More Ways to Give Back

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