Make an Appointment

Are you in need of counseling or services through Rise?

We are here for you and happy to help. You can call us at 609-443-4464 to schedule an appointment for any of the following needs:

  • Emergency food
  • Emergency vouchers for clothing
  • Referrals for household furniture
  • Obtain a Mercer County ID
    • For banking
    • For library
    • For hospitals
    • For clinics
    • For police
  • Assistance with applying for health care [NJ Family Care, Medicare, Medicaid]
  • Assistance with food stamps application (SNAP)
  • Assistance with WIC application
  • Assistance with school enrollment and applications
  • Assistance with job search and employment
Rise Client Form 2023-2024
NJ DHS Resources
Welcome Packet - NJ Office of New Americans

Checklist of information to bring to your appointment

Identification (all members living at your residence)
  • State of NJ Driver’s License (Adults)
  • Birth Certificate (Children)
  • Passport (Adults)
  • Social Security Card (Everyone)
Proof of Income for 3 Months (all members of the family 18 years and over)
  • Pay Stubs
  • Employment Letter
  • Disability Stubs
  • Unemployment Checks
  • Pension Checks
  • Letter from supporting person (only if no other income)
  • Social Security Award Letter
Proof of Address (all members of the family 18 years and over)
  • Utility and/or Rent Bills
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Bank Statement
  • Lease and/or Mortgage Papers
*Only if applying for rental or utility assistance
  • Lease
  • Eviction Notice/Court Order
  • Utility Shut-Off Notice